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Remedy Wants You! (Maybe)

Sickks / Sep 22, 2011

After much debate, Remedy has come to the Feenix 1.12 server! So we have now begun another era of Remedy style raiding! Remedy is ran by a core of members who have raided together for quite a long while, ranging from retail through numerous private servers. We always strive to be the best guild on each server we move to, in measurement of progressive raiding. However, on this server it is rather apparent that we are quite behind with such a late start. We pay this no mind as most of our members have attended raids with nearly every US guild on the server, and in doing so, found that our expectations were far from met. We feel that raids should be performed in a particular manner and composed of a certain type of player. Ideally, this should be a painless process in which loot is received, and fun is had. Obviously, the game has it's challenges and can't be so incredibly simple which is where focus and determination step in. This is where complications arise with every guild, strong and weak, we've encountered on this server. Either they have raid leaders that are screaming endlessly and taxing everyone's enjoyment, or they have raiders that are too stupid to comprehend the tasks at hand. No more tolerance remains for such a frustrating ordeal! We remake this guild to put an end to such a poor style of raiding! It's time to fill the remaining slots in preparation for our waltz through content!

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Knew the dwarf should have been in the middle. Could have had a sexy gnome on each arm!
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