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Name: D'Arcy

Age: 20

Class/Spec: Priest, Disc / Holy.

Give us an idea of your current gear: t3, fully enchanted and random heroic rares.

Do you have Ventrilo and a Microphone? Vent and mic

How long have you played WoW? Since about 2 weeks after it came out with large periods of innactiity.

What classes have you had experience with? Feral druid, Warrior, Paladin and a bit of rogue back in the day.

Which of those were during TBC? All but the Paladin.

Raid Experience during TBC/ On Private Servers? Up to brutallus on Drek'thar EU and up to kael and lurker before the server died due to of cata release.

What raid experience have you had in other expansions? Up to Sapph in Vanilla as a holy paladin.

Do you feel compelled to bring consumables to every raid? Why or why not? I generally have stuff like that in my bags out of habit.

Do you consider yourself an "Elite" Player? I guess.

If yes, would you mind elaborating to why you feel that way? I consider myself to be above average for my location and current setup. That being 12-15 fps max at any time and 450+ ping.

How is your Raid Attendance? Can we count on you to show up? If I know there wont be badgers in the groups I'll be there.

How is your ISP Stability? As I said before, generally at about 450+ ping but I'm used to it and can time heals for mob swings np.

Do you have max level professions? If not, then why not? If yes, then how are they practical? What benefit do they bring to our raids/guild? Maxed enchanting, fair few 70 and 60 enchants.

What guilds have you been in previously?(All expansions retail and/or private server guilds) I'll name the main ones: Harmonie, L Armee des douze dingues, Orange County, Redemption, Genesis, Sin at one point years ago, Entropy, Serenity, Rapture, GUERILLAS IN THA MIST.

Alright, we've interrogated you enough. You have any questions for us? Nosir.

Edited for grammar.
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