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#4021682 Mar 03, 2011 at 11:14 AM
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Hey, I just thought that a lot of times, I find as a healer it gets pretty difficult clicking all around getting the heal off just in time, so I found a couple macros that would be useful :3

Smart Greater Heal: This macro casts Greater Heal on your target if your target is friendly; if your target is an enemy, casts Greater Heal on your target's target.

/cast [help][target=targettarget][] Greater Heal

Mouseover Heal
Allows you to mouseover a party member and heal them.

/cast [target=mouseover,exists][] Flash Heal

Smart Shadowfiend

This macro will summon your Shadowfiend on your current target if it is hostile, or your target's target if your current target is friendly.

#showtooltip Shadowfiend
/cast [harm,nodead][target=targettarget,harm,nodead]Shadowfiend

If anyone has any other macros to add, I'd greatly appreciate it :D
#4111401 Mar 22, 2011 at 01:30 AM
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#showtooltip Shackle Undead
/cast [nomodifier:shift] Shackle Undead
/cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] Shackle Undead

This is what I use to shackle. Its an awesome macro because it doesn't drop your current target, so by just pressing shift and the macro you will instantly reshackle your focus target without ever worrying about targeting.

Idk, on my mage I have at least 20 macros but on my priest I barely have any. Since the shadowfiend is a bit crazy on this server, I suppose I could always macro in something like this:

/cast [nopet] Shadowfiend

And then macro in /petattack into a few of my key damage skills like mindflay or mind blast, so that I would always make sure that my pet is attacking my target and not a CC target.

I haven't really done this macro yet, but mainly because I'm still waiting for a crazy shadowfiend to pull gruul through a wall and wipe the raid.
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